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Finding myself always pulled and drawn towards creative pursuits, I came to learn the joy and impact storytelling can have. 

Here on Vancouver Island where I grew up, everything and everyone around me has a story. I found the same to be true as I traveled to different countries around the world. 

What truly fascinates me is how many times someone can hear the same message, or see the same image but not remember anything until they are made to 

feel it. It's the emotional connection that breathes life and memory.


My pursuit as a creative architect of imagery is to create that connection. 


So Here I am. Providing the highest

quality digital representation to those

who want it, and need it. Photography and

film making is not what I do. These are simply the most

powerful and beautiful ways I have learned to

portray a message, tell a story, and capture

a feeling. It might be your wedding,

your family or business photo,

or the reason you started to believe in

yourself - when you finally saw in you what 

everyone else could see.

That's a Yeomans photo.

That's a Yeomans film. 

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